A properly designed and administered retirement plan is a critical part of an employment package in today's competitive world. Investing according to a plan participant's risk tolerance may be the most critical factor to the plan participant's investing success. Participants generally want to match the risk they are taking in their investment portfolio with their personal risk tolerance level. The risk matching process is also an important factor in meeting the plan trustees' responsibilities.

The modern theory of portfolio management and asset allocation is no longer exclusive to large institutions. Today individuals, smaller institutions and retirement plans are also able to realize the benefits of fee-only advice through Hall & Romkema Financial Services, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

When choosing a retirement plan administrator your minimum expectation is to engage an administrator that will accurately manage the paperwork part of the plan, but a higher level of expectation should include assistance to the plan sponsor, if the plan isn't working as desired, and assistance to the plan participants with selecting a portfolio that matches their risk tolerance and investment goals.

Retirement Options meets these expectations for its clients.

Retirement Options is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to its clients. We will work closely with a designated contact within your organization to make sure any questions your employees may have areanswered promptly.